Walkers can now walk inside Tholkappia Poonga in R. A. Puram. For a fee.

So Mylaporeans now have perhaps the best verdant space to go on walks.

Tholkappia Poonga ( Adyar Poonga) in south R. A. Puram is now open for walks and it is on payment. Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust (CCRRT) which manages this and other projects has finally opened the gates ( the main gate is near the Kuchipudi Academy) on Dr D G S Dinakaran Road.

Walks are allowed in the morning ( 6.30 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.) and also in the evening (4.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.)

While you can walk around for a day’s session on payment of Rs.20, you can purchase a pass for one month or for three months ( Rs.500 / Rs.1500 is the fee).

All you need to do to gain access is to to download the application formĀ 
and submit it with the cash or by demand draft and wait to be given the formal okay. You will be given an ID card which makes access easy to the park. We are told that walkers will be allowed access only to a section of the park and those who violate rules will be turned out.

Call – 24614523, 97865 58397 or 9840813321.

One Comment on “Walkers can now walk inside Tholkappia Poonga in R. A. Puram. For a fee.”

  1. A park built at taxpayers money should be beneficial to all at no cost. Chennai have many places to walk around. Further why not Tamilnadu Government create a separate Park department under forest ministry for maintaining public parks. This is a practice in foreign countries. Hope CM Tamilnadu, who is considered progressive, will consider this idea and also order no fees be collected for use.

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