On Sunday, counters set up at busy points across Mylapore to offer vaccination

As part of the state-wide mega vaccination drive organised by the government, vaccination camps were set up not only at medical centres but also at busy points across the Mylapore zone on Sunday.

Nurses and attendants were at their posts by 7 a.m., offering vaccine doses and boosters to people who chose to take them.

One such stall was set up at the main gate of Nageswara Rao Park in Luz; people trickled in here to take the jab.

Teynampet zone in the GCC limits, under which Mylapore falls has some of the largest number of Covid cases currently; also, many people have not taken even their first dose.

At the Urban Health Centre in Alwarpet ( near the MLA’s office campus), vaccination is provided on all days. People who have been getting SMS alerts to take the booster doze are trickling in here.