Pattinapakkam seashore readied for mass immersion of images of Vinayaka on Sunday

Civic and police authorities have been working on the seashore off Pattinapakkam the past two days to prepare the ground for the mass immersion of images of lord Vinayaka.

This is the one of few designated immersion zones in the city and the action will take place all through Sunday when lorry and van-loads of images which were mainly set up at public and semi-public spaces for Vinayaka Chathurthi, will be brought to this point and immersed.

While a pathway through the sand has been created, cranes are in place to lift and immerse the large images further into the sea.

Entry to the zone will be regulated, as vans and carts will be asked to follow a queue from the San Thome High Road end.

This is now an annual exercise in Pattinapakkam.

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