Chennai Metro; four latest developments – barricading land, taking over public spaces

Slow but steady developments are taking place in the Chennai Metro rail projects in the Mylapore zone.

  1.  The south-east parcel of land of Queen Marys College has been barricaded. Going by the first set of maps, one end of the access point of the Light House station will be located here.

2. Larger slices of land of the lawns and sidewalk of Marina in the Gandhiji statue side have been taken over for heavy duty work.

3. Barricading of areas at the Mandaveli MTC terminus junction is slow.  The management of a private temple, obviously an encroachment that has been bypassed even by GCC, is said to be pushing the Metro officials not to disturb the temple.  Also, some part of the bus terminus will be required for prelim work. But more space alongside R K Mutt Road, beyond the petrol station has been fenced off.

4.  A large parcel of land inside the sprawling Police Quarters opposite the Jumma Masjid mosque is being barricaded; all large trees were chopped down.

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  1. Metro rail execution is very poor. Phase 1 was completed by taking 10 painful years. Now , second one started. They should provide access to motorists and pedastrians by laying sideways with road worthy conditions. Debris accumulation and dust is just like Kiev city.Is Our Indian Engieering total failure or not capable of doing public projects or Civil works ?

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