Chennai Metro: traffic diversion at south end of R. K. Mutt Road end smooth

Chennai Metro staff and Traffic Police have joined hands to ensure that the traffic movement diverted at the area off MGR Janaki College for Women due to Chennai Metro work has been a smooth one on the first day of the working week.

While some Metro staff shouted messages to motorists over a PA system, telling them of the diversion, with vehicles from the Adyar side asked to skip the R K Mutt entry point, police manned the barricades and guided cars and bikes to take a left turn and move into Kamaraj Salai.

The crowded end of Kamaraj Salai, which is partly a parking space for bikes of residents of KVB Gardens zone, cannot take the big volume of traffic that grew became of this diversion. But changes made on the weekend, made the vehicle flow smooth.

Many motorists turned right again, into Srinivasa Avenue to join R K Mutt Road, in which cars and bikes moving south from R A Puram side also had to take. This Avenue is slowly becoming a busy one and some seniors living here began to complain – of the noise, dust and fast moving traffic.

Bikers took ‘short cuts’ via Kutti Gramani Street, a narrow one and jammed the flow here ( second photo).

The diversion at the sprawling site of the Chennai Metro work-spot which used to be a playground, is necessary for rail line work to be carried out across the R K Mutt Road junction, said Metro officials here.

Traffic Police say this diversion will be on for some weeks .

3 Comments on “Chennai Metro: traffic diversion at south end of R. K. Mutt Road end smooth”

  1. It is a misery for traffic moving to MRC nagar and pattinambakkam from south chennai. Needs proper thinking and traffic signal management .

  2. This arrangement is cumbersome and not viable for sure.More over Greenways Road has houses of Ministers,etc,.Instead of planning a fly over they are creating problems at R.K.Mutt road.

  3. This has become an absolute nightmare for residents of Srinivasa avenue RA Puram. The RK Nagar RA whatsapp group is full of complaints. Some residents have even raised online complaints on the Chennai Police portal.

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