Diner at Sangeetha in R. A. Puram says ‘chutneys’ are recycled. Sangeetha says ‘claim is absolutely false.’

Sangeetha Fast Food and its fine dining restaurant in R. A. Puram is popular and people, mostly residents of this neighbourhood  say it  is an excellent ‘go to’ option when they want to step out for some tiffin. They like the food.
However, one regular diner, Rekha ( we are not using her full name) says she observed that the chutney leftovers ‘on our table were whisked into the kitchen by the waiter and she saw these were arranged neatly on the service table inside.
“This also happened at two other tables that I observed.  The manager here, when questioned mumbled something incoherently,” she states.

Rekha says she ‘peeped into the kitchen on my way out, and lo! the chutney dishes brought in were lined up on the service table in the kitchen zone.’ 

Rekha says she later spoke to one Nageswaran at Sangeetha’s Head Office, and he is said to have apologised and said that he had once warned the staff about it.
Mylapore Times is trying to get a word on this issue from Sangeetha management.
Rekha, the diner sent this update today in an email  to the newspaper – This is to share with you that the management of Sangeetha restaurant have since been in touch and have said that customer satisfaction is their top priority. They said that they practice a system which is of a very high standard and is periodically reviewed. They also said that they have a zero tolerance policy for deviation 

Later on Wednesday, Sangeetha issued a note on this ‘incident’ ;

The claims in this report are absolutely false and the customer in question is completely misinformed.
To clarify on the incident , the chutney cups were taken in to be disposed and was disposed duly , the chutney cups on the table that the customer claims to have seen were fresh cups. The customer has made a misjudged correlation between these two actions and came to the conclusion that chutney cups were reused which is not true.
‘We would like to reiterate that we have been running this establishment for the past 22 years and the sole reason we have been in business for so long is that we never compromise on the quality of food or service we provide. That is why we enjoy a continuous patronage from customers.’
The note was mailed by a PR executive of Sangeetha.
The diner says she stands by her story.

8 Comments on “Diner at Sangeetha in R. A. Puram says ‘chutneys’ are recycled. Sangeetha says ‘claim is absolutely false.’”

  1. There is this fine dining restaurant in RA PURAM which serves Thai food. The dressings and decoration like the cucumber cut like a leaf and carrot designed like a flower . I purposely made a marking on one of the cucumber and carrot dressing and left it. Guess what the same cucumber and carrot with the same marking came in an other dish as deessing.

  2. What you have see you ppl have commented, there are many in line to pile up, 5 star hotels what do they do, i was a trainee in a 5 star, the buffet remaining will not be disposed, it’s reused…party orders in hotels left overs goes to ala-carte …

  3. Not only in Mylapore Sangeetha I found that this happens in low class to high grade restaurants.It is very pity to say that left over wayer from the drinking cups are also poured into the water jugs and these are served to the customers.
    By observing that it comes to great question marks to visit hotels for taking foods and managing the good food from our houses.
    Hence, people should aware of this.

    1. All that we can do is be watchful. Avoid taking hotel food to the maximum possible extent. Home made food is always the best

  4. Recycling is done in many of the Hotels which has to be strictly warned by the Government.It is not good practice.Hotliers should avoid such things .Thanks for alerting the People and take it up with Hotel Management Madam

  5. Thank God….it’s not rewheeled from another restaurant !!! Such a sad state of affairs…at a so called reputed centre…nowadays….we have the dough….we are hungrier….we are tasteless too!! So these shops make hay, while the sun shines!!!

  6. At Least This Is Okay ! A2B Always Dispenses With Spoilt White Chutney ! Always ! Without Exception ! Most Of The Time, It Doesn’t Include White Chutney & If It Does, It’s Invariably Spoilt, Frothing, Smelly, & Sour ! It’s A Scam ! I’ve Complained A Plethora Of Times On Zomato & Swiggy ! And In Some Hotels, Including Shree Mithai, The Green Spicy Mint Chutney Too Is Sour & Is Always Refrigerated Beyond Its Shelf Life ! Chutney Times Ahead ! The Hapless Customer Be Warned !

    1. Recently afterso many years myself and my sisterwent to KARPAGAMBAL MESS in Mylapore as it was my father”s favourite place. We ordered rava kichadi which is our father’s favorite but the side dish which he served was white and red chutney.red chutney was good but not white. We told him it is not good and not to serve others too but it is all gone to deaf ears. Inspite of repeating he was least bothered. The price of 1 BOLI AND 1 SOJJI APPAM WAS 100 and 102.Could you beat it. EXHORBITANT. The taste was good but he could have charged 70 max. We bid good bye and it is still a nightmare.

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