Navaratri celebrations at Jeevan Bhima Enclave was a community celebration

This year’s Navaratri celebrations at Jeevan Bhima Enclave (on Rajasekaran Street, off Radhakrishnan Salai) was a grand affair.

Starting from arranging the community golu, the details and execution for making and granting prasadhams and scheduling daily performances on stage were planned much ahead of Navaratri.

Residents of all ages chipped in.  The daily event included  chanting of Lalitha Sahasranamam at the prayer hall followed by a variety of performances, snappy ones.

This included children’s group dance,   concerts in vocal, veena and on the flute, shloka recitations and religious discourses.

Residents brought to the community celebration some =thing of their own culture and this made the events special.

  • Reported by Subha Dilip