Post 9 p.m. in December tiffin stalls are abuzz at the heart of Mylapore

If you are looking for food to buy in the core of Mylapore after 9 p.m. head to the Sri Kapali Temple zone.

There are joints here which offer simple, wholesome, hot food which also suits your purse.

One recent evening, we ambled down Pitchu Pillai Street and saw the band of Swiggy food delivery men outnumbering people dining at Mami’s Tiffen restuarant.

At the end of this street, we came across this man who had the last of his three different sundal makings. “It has been a little slow this evening else I am gone before 9,” he told us.

Down Ponnabala Vadyar Street, at R S Bhavan, a hole in that wall, the North Indian cook was tossing a set of rotis on the fire, the shop enduring a power cut then. The last of kachoris and samosas got packed for a client as a few more rotis got made for a parcel pack. A big set of freshly made jalebis were on the counter top.

This place is popular among Mylaporeans who enjoy North Indian snacks or buy rotis and sabjis for dinner.

On the other side, three people dug into snacks got at the popular Janal Bajji Kadai. There were some ten off bajjis waiting to be gobbled up. “Business was slow today …that is why we are open this late,” the man behind the window told us. It was 9.15 p.m.

Diagonally opposite, diners were enjoying tiffin at the Bharathi Mess; artistes performing at the sabha halls closeby drop in for a quick snack.

And in the shadows of this street, two women rolled off their food trishaw, which sells puttu on the other mada street.

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