Chennai Metro: soil tests are going on in colonies south east of R. K. Mutt Road

Chennai Metro workers have been undertaking soil tests in areas off R. K. Mutt Road, on the south east side and this seems to indicate the possibility of change in plans of the rail tunnels.

Though soil tests were done on R. K. Mutt Road long ago, the teams began tests in streets like Raja Street and Velayudha Raja Street and this intrigued local residents.

Information informally shared by local teams at work indicate that these new tests are on now because the ones done on the main road have not been too positive for the next plans of Chennai Metro.

The indication is that soils tests will follow in other inner streets like Roberston Lane.

Some markings made on buildings have made residents curious and keen to question Metro engineers.

Residents said a meeting between engineers and residents’ association heads is scheduled to take place where the Metro team may brief residents on what Metro is doing here and why.

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