Mylapore Times story impact: ex-Gill Adarsh student, cricketer Vidhvath honoured by the school management 

In October, MYLAPORE TIMES featured a story on the cricketing success in Netherlands of Mylaporean Vidhvath Viswanathan.
After reading the report, 73 year old Meera Gopal Rao, who taught for four decades at Gill Adarsh where Vidhvath did his schooling, searched for his contact through her network and reached out to him in the Netherlands.
Meera told the students that Vidhvath was a role model and an inspiration to ‘all of us’. She said that the entire management was proud to learn of his achievements from the Mylapore Times both in the sports field and in his area of work in cancer medicine.
On Monday, he was honoured by S. Dhanalakshmi, the principal of Gill Adarsh.
Addressing the large gathering of students at the school’s auditorium, Vidhvath said that it was the strong foundation laid by the school and the motivation of the teachers that helped him scale up in life and finally land up a job in a MNC in Netherlands to work on cancer medicine.
He spoke to them about the importance of taking the revision exams seriously, prioritising  one’s work, having a mentor for career guidance, being bold to experiment and to explore opportunities in the artificial intelligence space.
– Report, photo by S. Prabhu
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