Friends of Kala Ramesh who died in a helicopter crash last year remember her services in Mumbai

A media body in Mumbai remembered Mylapore resident Kala Ramesh who died last year, this time, in a helicopter crash when she and her family members were on a pilgrimage in Kedarnath.

The group awarded a citation and cash award to Bhausaheb Ramdas Kolekar and Daya Bhausaheb Kolekar, the parents of disabled child Veer Bhausaheb Kolekar, a resident of Mumbai.

The funds came from Kala’s husband Ramesh; he continues to reside on Balakrishnan Street, Mylapore.

This child was chosen because Kala was dedicated towards children with special needs. She was also a member of the Mumbai media association.

Here is the story on the tragedy –

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