Urbaser teams work through the night to clean Mada Streets after Arabathumoovar celebration

Loads of trash was left behind on the three Mada Streets and on R, K. Mutt by people who attended the grand Arabathumoovar procession on April 4.

But past midnight, the streets and the road were clean.

All due to hard work put in by the Urbaser Sumeet team, the private agency which clears waste in some zones of the city.

The Urbaser team headed by Ganesh, Deepak and Rajalakshmi convened a meeting late in the night and arranged extra workers from other zones to the temple zone and started the cleaning operations.

They first cleared the paper, plastic and food waste and then water-washed the road and the Mada Streets.

– Report: Baskar Seshadri. Photo; Urbaser

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