At utsavam at Sri Kapali Temple, Singaravelar subdues a rampant goat. These acts communicate to devotees meaning of rituals.

On the tenth day of the Vasantha Utsavam for Singaravelar, the historical episode of lord Muruga subduing a rampant goat that went berserk was played out to the devotees.

To contain the asuras, the devas performed a homam but as it lacked a bit of sincerity, they found to their horror a goat emerging out of the fire and going berserk, damaging all that came in its way, including in the nether world.

Finally, they reached out to lord Muruga on whose touch the goat regained its cool and stood next to him in a peaceful state.

This special Thiru Kolam was presented to the devotees on Monday evening at the Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple.

  • Story, photo by S Prabhu

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