Kapali Temple’s Vasantha utsavam: swami presents himself in Thiru Pura Samhara Thiru Kolam, Ambal in raja mathangi kolam

A special feature of the 10-day Vasantha utsavam for Kapaleeswarar is the different Thiru Kolams that he provides darshan every day of the fest.

On the seventh day of the utsavam on Tuesday evening, he provided darshan in Thirupura Samhara Thiru Kolam with a bow and arrow.

Hereditary priest E Venkatasubramanian Shivachariar told Mylapore Times that this is one of the two days in the year that he presents himself in such a special Thiru Kolam, the other being on the seventh day of the Panguni utsavam during the chariot procession.

It is a kolam that he takes to destroy the asuras, he said.

Karpagambal delighted the devotees with a beautiful raja mathangi thiru kolam, seen playing the  Veena.

Earlier on Monday evening, Kapaleeswarar had provided darshan as a firewood seller who had taken that role to quell the ego of Hemanatha Bhagavathar and to showcase to the world the great devotion of Paanapathirar.

Shortly after 9pm, the Sripatham personnel got so excited with this Thirukolam that they repeated the circular voyali and had to be reigned in by the Shivachariar.

The utsavam continues on Wednesday and Thursday and concludes with a Pancha Moorthy street procession on Friday on the occasion of Chitra Pournami.

From Saturday, there will be a Vasantha utsavam for Singaravelar.

  • Story, Photo by S Prabhu

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