V C Garden Street is in a mess. Big stream of students use it. And people want GCC to relay it now.

V C Garden Street is a key feeder street.

It takes big traffic at peak hours, from the St Mary’s Road side and the Sai Baba Temple / P S Senior School side.

But this street is in a pathetic state.

Local resident Vijayalakshmi shared some photos of the street this weekend and said this street was dug up at least twice before and roughly relaid.

Now, a section of it is not only dug up, left half-closed with mud and large boulders have been dumped on these yards. Thus, a quarter of the busy street cannot be used for motoring or by pedestrians.

Residents say that when schools re-open and with a big stream of students to P S Senior School always using this link street, it is for local councillor and GCC officials to relay this street immediately.