Tribute: Kamala Gopalan

Kamala Gopalan, an octogenarian, passed away on July 5.  She was a resident of Mylapore since 1948.

Married at a young age, she entered into a joint family which did not have a mother- in-law to guide or handhold her in managing the family, her family said.

Her family said Kamala was fiercely independent and her determined nature ensured that not just her family but also her extended family stayed tightly bonded together.

She was an industrious woman who was constantly engaged in some activity or the other. Her passion for making dolls with beads was quite well-known locally, and her creations have adorned many a table at various weddings and social occasions.

She was awarded the title ‘Manikalai Vithagi’ by The Mylapore Trio of Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial
Foundation. She credited the Mylapore Trio for showcasing her creative talents and presenting it in the public.

Her other passion was playing traditional games – she was a master of dayakkattai, pallankuzhi and
paramapadam. She was asked to teach these traditional games at summer camps organised by the Mylapore Trio. 

The family can be contacted at 8610335882 / 9962227965.

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  1. Smt Kamaa Gopalan, was a very warm person and made everyone comfortable and wanted. I belong to her extended°2 family and I have spent days with her and my extended cousin Sheela Gopalan, her daughter in law. Her handiwork adorns my Puja room. Perumal thiruvadi serndar. She will be truly missed.
    Dr. Vasanthi Ramesh

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