Chennai Metro; wall of hospital campus in R. A. Puram gets support

The wall of Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital campus that faces the main road has been supported with metal supports now. This follows a recent incident where a small section of the road in this zone caved in.

This happened due to the underground drilling work by the machine that is creating the rail line for Chennai Metro.

The drilling machine began its work from the main work zone on what was formerly GCC playground and will bore its way towards the Adyar river and under the water bed to connect on the Adyar side where a work station has also been functioning for many weeks now.

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One Comment on “Chennai Metro; wall of hospital campus in R. A. Puram gets support”

  1. Does this mean CMRL will do whatever it wants? Despite hole created in Adyar road due to boring, as per the current plan, the line will pass through resident areas with buildings and apartments over them and not over RK Mutt Road from Adyar to Mandaveli. None is least bothered. Citizens are helpless.

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