Thanksgiving Festival to be held at church in San Thome

The community of CSI St. Thomas English Church at San Thome will be celebrating their Annual Thanksgiving Festival (ATF) on Sunday, September 3.

Beginning with a Thanksgiving Service at 7.30 am, with the congregation getting together to thank God for His bountiful blessings and mercies throughout the year, the church service will be followed by a sale and other fun activities.

There will be a variety of breakfast stalls, home-made snacks, desserts, biryani, cakes, a saree raffle, Bible quiz, lucky dip and a number of games like Tambola, treasure hunt and a game for couples. A special Thanksgiving photo booth for taking selfies and group photos is also planned.

‘When you’re tired of walking around, you can take a seat in front of the stage and watch or even participate in the various events… If you’re looking for a fun family-friendly day out then ATF is the place to be!’ says Annamary Frederick, one of the convenors of the ATF.

Dr. Rabinder Boaz, the secretary of the pastorate committee, invites those who are interested to ‘ go around the church and see the newly restored structures of the 180-year-old building.’

Proceeds from the ATF sale will be used for rural church building and the parish hall fund.

This festival is open to all.


  • Report by Fabiola Jacob
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