Tribute: Ramanath. He was part of the Kartik Fine Arts sabha team

Ramanath, long-serving member of the Kartik Fine Arts sabha team, passed away on August 30. He was 53.

A resident of Mylapore, Ramanath was a busy body at the sabha’s December Season festival of marathon concerts as well as at events held throughout the year. He encouraged young talent, helping them to also perform for the sabha he was part of.

He did his schooling at San Thome High School and at P. S. School and after college studies, got into the civil works line, undertaking repair and construction of houses, offices and buildings.

He was also a Sai devotee, attending events held at ‘Sundaram’ in R. A. Puram and volunteered at Sai programmes.

His family said he was generous and supported the education of the children of people who worked under him and reduced the costs of civil works he undertook for schools that educated the poor. He was also a regular blood donor.

His wife Vijayalakshmi said he was a great support for her Montessori system-based schools, Glowing Minds, based in Mylapore.

The family’s address; No. 11, Appu Street 1st Lane, Mylapore. Phones: 9566128788, 9840358805.