At Harvest festival of this church, auction of donated goods raises funds for community projects

The community of CSI Church of the Good Shepherd in Mylapore led by pastor Rev Earnest Selvadurai and the pastorate committee, observed Harvest festival on Sunday, October 8.

It began with a thanksgiving service. Each family had brought articles like clothes, household goods, and provisions as their donation. Some even brought small gold jewels.

After the service, breakfast was provided. Groups of men, women, youth and some individuals had put up food and games stalls.

Later, an auction of the articles donated by people was held.
The secretary of the pastorate  committee A. Sudhakar Immanuel said that the money raised through the auction and revenues from food and games stalls were donated to the church.
The event ended with lunch – the mutton biryani prepared in the church campus – was a big draw.  Some 2000 biryani packets were sold.
– Reported by Juliana Sridhar