Chennai Metro: lots of sign boards come up to direct new, multiple traffic changes

Workers of Chennai Metro have erected traffic signs in many zones in Mylapore in preparation of major and multiple traffic movement changes ti be made soon.

The changes were expected on Nov.25 but on Sunday morning, lots of signboards were seen – in Mandaveli, Mylapore, Luz and Alwarpet.

Lots of people have been asking for a map of the traffic diversions and details so that they can plan ahead their movement to work / shop / local errands.

Chennai Metro has not officially put out details yet though a map has been shared with some local institutions where large numbers of people congregate.

2 Comments on “Chennai Metro: lots of sign boards come up to direct new, multiple traffic changes”

  1. Sir, many people in Luz are affected by the felling of trees. They say trees are their lifeline and livelihood and the metro workers ruthless ax long time big shady trees.

    I was speaking to a flower vendor and she was explaining that she told of risk of soil erosion as the roots of trees hold together the soil.

    She says no one asked for metro and it’s just a scourge to their lives.
    She said she is ready to face frequent earthquakes…..and die with the trees.

    Sir, if you see with plain eyes….many share autos ,cats and vehicles use the shade of the trees in the recently constructed bus stand out side Max showroom. These people at least can join together to save trees….at least for their selfish parking purposes.

    Anyway sir, I have pics …cannot attach. You can silence reality in metro fer our. And delete this post from really hurt citizen. Thanks

  2. Sir,
    It is better our metro rail corporation may kindly provide detailed map showing the route to be allowed for moving from one place to other area. So that office goers as well as other public can plan accordingly.

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