Monsoon 2023: water stagnates in Sri Kesava Perumal Temple zone

Even during a light drizzle, water stagnates at the junction of Kesava Perumal East and Kesava Perumal South Streets and the water stays there for days together.
This civic issue has remained unattended for years. This stagnation encourages breeding of mosquitos.
Storm water drains had been laid only in Kesava Perumal East Street and not in Kesava Perumal East and South Streets junction. Hence the water stagnation problem.
Apart from this, even in Kesava Perumal East Street (where drains exist), the work has not been done properly. Hence water stagnation in the street at many places is common.
Also the garbage bins kept on the road overflow and the waste falls into the stagnant water during the monsoon season and makes the place filthy.
This is the route through which Adi Kesava and Srinivasa Perumal Temple deities are being taken in procession, all through the festive season and the people in the procession have, at times, to face awkward situations, wading through dirty water.
– Report, photo by K. Venkatakrishnan
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