This Foundation brightens walls, classroom of primary school on Luz Church Road

Karam Korpom Foundation which engages in converting ‘abused’ walls into colourful spaces and enlivens places like schools and offices with simple wall art undertook an assignment in a school that not many Mylaporeans may be aware of.
Andhra Mahila Sabha manages a Mahila Primary School within the AMS campus, situated on Luz Church Road, adjacent to Nageswara Rao Park.
The AMS administration was keen to establish a distinct visual identity for this primary school, by painting the compound wall and other walls leading to the school with appealing visuals that would captivate the children.
They also wanted to decorate the interior wall of the LKG classroom with artwork relevant to young learners.
On October 15, the Karam Korpom Foundation, along with its volunteers and a handful of students of the school, worked on this project and brought the walls to life.
Says S. Shivakumar ( he and his wife Uma manage this Foundation), ” We completed this work despite intermittent showers that day and we could do it because of dedicated volunteers who sign up for every community assignment.”