Chennai Metro: Mandaveli site work begins on big scale

Less than 24 hours after roads and streets were made off-limits to motorists and vehicles of all kinds across the greater Mylapore zone, Chennai Metro contractors have got to work, extending the little work zones they set up the past weeks.

Luz Circle and Mandaveli roundabout will see hectic work in the days to come.

On Monday, a pooja was done at the Mandaveli site before drilling work began. The area now looks like a industrial zone, much like what the Music College / Jesus Calls junction further south looks like – this being the first hub for the North-South Metro line as of now.

The area off the MTC bus terminus is being cleared, with blocks being demolished – this area will locate the Metro’s Mandaveli underground station.

  • Photo: Ganga Sridhar


2 Comments on “Chennai Metro: Mandaveli site work begins on big scale”

  1. It is better to make one-way around Kapaleeswar temple mada streets, parking of vehicle on haphazard manner to be regularised by city police officials. Mini bus service may be introduced between Mylapore and Mandaveli, since senior citizen couldn’t walk long distance to catch the bus. MRTS services should also be increased

  2. Why are you immediately action metro rail at the time you are closed on road from luz to mandaveli you are worry about school like Vidya mandir,.p.s.s. St john school all students suffering school time pls change plan one by one tks

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