Chennai Metro: On Day 2 of traffic movement changes, some key observations by Mylaporeans

These are notes made by people from the ground and people who observed from their areas after traffic changes were made across Mylapore zone for Chennai M etro work from Jan.7 morning.


L&T has agreed to level the road near the Saibaba Temple tonight since the rains have made the road slushy near the recent CMWSSB pipe-laying location. Neither the CMWSSB nor the GCC have bothered to address this issue. 

– Sridhar Venkataraman


Quick feedback from the marshals near Saibaba temple. Many PS Senior parents who came by car to drop their kids this morning, came in their two-wheelers to pick up their kids afternoon. Good sign of people adapting to the situation.

– Sridhar Venkataraman


Some of the yellow buses of many Engineering college buses are struggling at the S bend on Thiruvengadam Street, while most of the MTC buses move effortlessly.

Buses and heavy vehicles approach the S bend near Little Millennium School on Thiruvengadam Street at a high speed. Speed breakers at this location (and maybe other locations) on this street may be a necessity

– Giridharan K


Norton Street is bearing the traffic flow from Mylapore to Mandaveli. Marshals managing the outbound traffic to Adyar coming via Srinivasa Avenue well and traffic coming from main R K Mutt Road

Srinivasa Avenue road isone way for outgoing traffic being  managed well by traffic marshals.

– Ganga Sridhar


Warren Road is now a bus route. Traffic Police will probably review the situation in a week.

The main issue in V C Gardens is, most of the houses there don’t have a parking space. So cars n bikes of such houses r parked on the road. There is also a tuition center I guess we can see many two-wheelers and cycles parked. With shops all along the side, vehicles get parked in front of them. It becomes a nightmare to ride down this road.

The same is the case with Warren road which is also an alternative route to reach Mylapore/ Mandaveli. With too many shops there and two wheelers parked, it gets difficult to ride freely here.

– Sid


Mundagakanni Amnan MRTS Station zone is important now, given the Luz junction is closed.. I suggest the vehicles dumped on both sides of the road, outside this station and on Kalvi Varu Street should be cleared and the road should be cleaned outside this station and made walkable at least.

– Jai


MTC, please provide some mini buses from Luz zone and Mandaveli zone because the MRTS station and MTC terminus is shut off for Metro work.

– C R Balaji


North Mada Street is made a two way but it has lots of encroachments on the left side. Vijaya Stores, NAC,  Nithya Amirtham and others all use the road space for their business – time to ask them all to respect needs of the new development.

Barricades near Ambika Appalam has to be removed and the entry of vehicles should be permitted upto Mangollai. This will facilitate motorists to take right to Kapali Koil and one can go easy to Chengazhuneer  Pillayar Koil Street and East Mada Street.

Local shops, businesses have taken over newly laid road space – outside Dubba Chetty and Giri Convention Centre. This must be cleared.

– Baskar Seshadri


Chennai Corporation should have finished relaying School View Road before the diversions took place, the inner roads (right from Srinivasa Avenue) which are taking the heavy traffic flow have been left milled waiting to be laid. GCC must relay / patch up all roads that are going to take the heavy flow of traffic.

– Ganga Sridhar

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  1. Subbarayan salai, near Ranga road and parellel to buckingham canal is a broad road that extends from R.K.mutt road near Mylapore station to Mandaveli station and beyond that It can be easily used for all vehicles except heavy vehicles.
    But due to encroachments by many mechanic shops ,auto repair sheds and temporary houses on pavements along the canal by many residents of visalakshi thottam and other thottams,even a two wheeler is unable to navigate this stretch.
    Especially buses find it very difficult ,to navigate Venkatesa Agraharam street, due to barricades and beggars seated near Saibabaa temple.And the turning from V A street into Subbarayan salai is hindrerd by the Auto repair shop near the turning.
    Also the tasmac shop near Mylapore station can be shifted elsewhere to allow free movement of vehicles.
    There are many schools in around Mylapore snd Mandaveli.Moreover,Metrowork may go on for a few years and all inner roads have to be cleared of encroachments ,by Police and Gcc, for smooth and hassle free traffic.

  2. Subbrayan Salai along the MRTS train track road can be cleared for free movement of 4 wheelers as lot of vehicles are dumped movement is really a challenge

  3. Mandavelipakkam has been totally cut off from the main roads,there is no way we can access any of the hospitals or doctors in RK mutt road,mandaveli or rapuram
    Senior citizens have to walk,in case of emergency even ambulance cannot take patients

  4. It’s a mere eye wash ,what is the use of conducting meeting of public for traffic regulations changes and ask for public opinions The people staying in and around mandaveli terminus have to trekking minimum half km to get the bus .passengers from Ayyanavaram and purssavalkkam they have to get down at Bilroth hospital and walk towards their house near st John’s school
    Further the Private College Buses should not be allowed in Thiruvenkadam st .Those buses will never care traffic rules and moving at high speed in thiruvvengadam st
    which is a school zone
    How ever the persons who approved the traffic change to be awarded with NOBEL PRIZE for the childish decision


  5. B.S.S HOSPITAL near Mandavali bus terminus is completely cut off.It caters to the heart patients of south Madras Removing the blockade opposite to the terminus on.V.K.iyer street will allow patients to reach the hospital and Ambulances to come since in heart patients every second to reach the hospital is life saving.

  6. All streets around Kapali Temple and Mada Streets including bylanes should be cleared of vendors, big and small. They are encroaching like they have done in Usman Road, T Nagar and made the place a nighmare for traffic. The police and Chennai Municipality turn a blind eye and receive haftas instead….Chennai is being run over bt encroachers and has turned into a citizen and tourist nightmare….

  7. Tye traffic diversions have created chaos because the routes include narrow roads like Warren Road, Desika Road which are not fit for heavy or big vehicular traffic. CP Ramaswamy RoadRoad, Eldams road and Mowbrays Road should be made articular pathways. All the streets above should have NO PARKING Signs on both signs in order to handle smaller traffic loads…The TN Govt, K Nehru, Minister and CMCorp should come together with scientific mapping, enpugh police force to enforce One way traffic and Tow all illegally parked vehicles every hour. Kaveri Hosp, Home Centre and Trinity have not bothered to increase their parking space. As a result visitors park anywhere they please. Fine these institutions also and help them find paid parking nearby.

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