Chennai Metro: major section of flyover across Dr. R. K. Salai has been demolished

There is a civil work challenge that is being undertaken on the fringe of Mylapore’s northern side. It has to do with the ongoing Chennai Metro work.

The flyover that runs north-south across Dr Radhakrishnan Salai is being demolished. Just 60% of it, from the Balaji Nagar side, southwards. One part of it, on the Mylapore side will remain.

Engineers estimate that about 20% of the work remains – they have to knock down the girders, the piers and then the foundation. This is a dusty, challenging job and is carried out only at night.

For now, traffic upto Deccan Plaza hotel point on north side, Bheemana Garden St / Balakrishnan Street on south side and on either sides of the flyover on Dr R K Salai are no-go zones.

  • Report, photo by Baskar Seshadri