Chennai Metro: cracks appear in many flats in Mandaveli colony

More aches for residents of Raja Street, Mandaveli.

More and more buildings are showing cracks, some big.

Case – the Copper Chimney apartments on this street where a crack runs alongside a pillar.

“People are on tenter-hooks now,” said a resident, remaining anonymous.

In some flats, Metro’s men have erected support systems against roofs.

The residents’ association has mailed officers of the Metro on this issue and sought a meeting.

One Comment on “Chennai Metro: cracks appear in many flats in Mandaveli colony”

  1. This is the price people pay for buying houses in buildings that are not built to proper specifications. Such as soil inspection and stabilisation before construction, proper length of curing of structures for strength and so on. I haven’t heard of the authorities inspecting completed buildings for following these norms and issuing completion certifications. Now CMRL is paying for the consequences of that violation of standards by builders.

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