Chennai Metro: foam oozing in some blocks in Mandaveli due to grouting work

Foam oozing out of the TANGEDCO power supply meter in an apartment off Raja Street, Mandaveli.


Residents here are. And they have realised that this is one more of the many aches caused by the work undertaken by Chennai Metro is worrying them.

Here is a note from a resident of Raja Street –

Due to the Metro tunneling work, we have been suffering a lot. Firstly, due to complete drainage block due to grouting, sewage is mixing with drainage water.  Today at around 10.45pm, there was a chemical foam outburst from an apartment sewage line. Metro officials are not giving a proper response.

‘In addition, new cracks are developing in some buildings. The residents are under complete stress.’

The local residents association is asking a senior officer of Chennai Metro to meet them and answer some searing queries.

Grouting has been on in this zone since late December 2023 – since the earth was either loose or had ‘air holes’ which led to side effects and suspension of tunneling on the Greenways Road – Mandaveli line.

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