Punjab National Bank, Luz gets a face lift

The renovated branch of Punjab National Bank in Luz was opened on August 1.

This branch as its retail asset branch. This means that this branch will provide loans for education, housing and cars.

Usha Ananthasubramanian, Executive Director, Punjab National Bank inaugurated the branch. Present on the occasion was G. R. Sundaravadival, Director, Punjab National Bank.

The branch is located at 150, Luz Church Road, Chennai. Ph: 2466 1944.

It works from Mondays to Fridays – 9 am to 3 pm and on Saturdays, 9 am to 1 pm.

The senior manager here is V. Gopalakrishnan.

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One Comment on “Punjab National Bank, Luz gets a face lift”

  1. Down memory lane!
    Way back in 1959,just after
    graduation,I contacted
    Madurai Branch of PNB,
    nearer my home for a
    job. Mr. Rudhra was the
    The interview was short
    and simple.
    First,he gave me a sheet of
    paper to write a paragaraph
    of my choice but insisted that
    the text should contain numerals:
    the numerals of a Baner should
    be legible.
    2. He pulled out from his draw
    a pack of neatly cut sheets
    of the size of currency notes.
    Asked me to imagine the
    denomination,count quickly
    (he was peeriing athis watch)
    and tell the amount.
    3. He again pulled out a long
    sheet of paper with varous
    amonts and paise in a long
    column. He asked me to
    add up quickly wihout going
    back the column and tell
    the amount.
    Does a recruit Bank Clerk
    need any other skill!
    He asked me to join the
    next Monday.
    But as I have to work for
    six months as Unpaid Trainee
    I changed my mind.

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