School accuses Sai Baba temple managers of demolishing section of its building

Mylapore police have taken a complaint made against the trustees who manage the hugely popular and crowded Sai Baba Temple in Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore on a  charge that its men demolished a section of a building of a school on its property on a disputed issue.

A buzz went around this neighbourhood on Wednesday morning when news got around that the wall  of Sai Vidyalaya school that adjoins the temple premises had been demolished and  files and a PC were damaged in the act. The school management pointed fingers at the trustees of the Sai Baba temple on whose land the school stands.

Temple authorities were quoted as saying that the school run a Trust was allowed to function the past 2 decades but now that more  space was needed for the temple’s activities and devotees, the school was told of the need to part with space.

It is not clear why the dispute has ended in an abrupt demolition. School management said that this school caters to a large community of people who live in the slums and huts in the area and the demolition act would severely affect the students just on the eve of re-opening for the new academic year.

But it appears that the dispute runs deep between the Trusts who run the temple and the school. The school management prefered to file a complaint with the local police.

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