Police disperse groups which clashed outside school

Ugly scenes were seen on Venkatesa Agraharam road near Sai Baba Temple on Monday morning when Mylapore police chased and charged two groups of people who clashed on the issue of the Sai Vidyalaya school condition here.

This morning, parents and their wards gathered outside the school that stands in the campus of the Saibaba Temple and shouted slogans. They wanted the temple managers to stop using what was part of the school hall for their annadhanam.

Temple authorities challenged the protestors and it seems to have got a tad ugly. That is when a posse of policemen led by the local inspector intervened and charged both sides to disperse the groups and prevent a nasty end.

The issue has been on the boil since the day a hall of the school was partly demolished to create more space for devotees.

The school is managed by a trustee, also a former corporator who is charged with packing the trust with his people. Temple managers say it needs space for the temple events since more people come to this place and that it would like to manage the school too.


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