Wet start to Independence Day events as light rains continue

Steady but light rains through the night and on Thursday morning proved to be a dampener for many communities who set out to celebrate India’s Independence day this morning.

Diehard walkers who frequent the Marina Beach got to see the Chief Minister’s motorcade as it swung into Kamaraj Salai and headed to Fort St George where the I-Day celebration of the state were to be held. Traffic was diverted at some points on the beach road for this purpose.

Students of schools in San Thome were seen hurrying home after the short I-day events held on their campus. The national flag was seen flying in the open only at a few places.

There was little evidence of even flag-coloured decorations in the San Thome area that we visited 8 a.m. onwards. Some communities said they chose to postpone events for kids to the weekend.

In many areas, civic workers began clearing the stagnant rainwater as the pitter-patter of the rain continued in the morning.

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