Security in place at Sri Kapali Temple

Police in templePolice security has been put in place at Sri Kapali Temple in Mylapore since May 1 when the bomb blast in a  train at Central Station took place. A few policemen and women are stationed at the entrances and ask people to open bags they may be carrying inside.

Security in all key places in the city frequented by lots of people was ordered after the blast which killed one person.

One Comment on “Security in place at Sri Kapali Temple”

  1. The world famous Kapali temple is a place of worship. It is out of place to subject the devotees not only from Chennai but also from the other states of India, and from abroad to security checks. Such checks hurt the religious sentiments of the devotees. I feel the police is overreacting. If security is required for temples why was there no security cover for the adjacent Velleeswarar temple? Or for that matter other temples in Mylapore?

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