Mandavelipakkam resident publishes book on Yajur Veda

a.v.manoharA. V. Manohar, a finance professional and a resident of Mandavelipakkam for more than five decades, recently published a book ‘Mantra Ratnam’ in Tamil. The book contains sookthas and mantras of the Kanva Shaka Shukla Yajur Veda.

Manohar who has always been interested in learning Sukla Yajur Veda realised that the Tamil edition of the rare mantras were not available. This piqued his interest and he decided to translate the Sanskrit version for Tamil readers. He started working on the book and took nearly 10 months to complete it.

This is his second book. The first book was published in Sep 2014 and deals with rudram, chamakam and sooktam slokams. 

He is currently on an assignment in Muscat and is working as a senior finance executive for an investment company there . The book is free of cost. For copies of the book contact 24641584.

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