Stage set for high points of Panguni festival

The high points of the annual Panguni festival of Sri Kapali temple in Mylapore culminates this Sunday and Monday and being a holiday, Sunday’s event is expected to draw a big crowd.

The grand ther ( chariot) procession will take place on Sunday morning and is expected to start at about 7 a.m. after the rituals that take place inside the temple. The ther, freshly painted and decorated will roil out of its stand in Sannidhi Square into the mada streets and is expected to get back only post-noon.

The grander arabathumoovar procession is to take place on Monday afternoon. Though this is a working day, this celebration draws a huge number of people from all over the city and the mada streets and R K Mutt Road will be closed to traffic from about 2 p.m.

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