Photo studio is also a book bank

IMG_20160528_153932302Jawahar Digital Studio is located in Bheemanna Garden Street, Alwarpet. In addition to providing photography services, this studio is also a book bank. There are stacks of books here, mostly science related. These books are free for engineering students or those preparing for competitive exams.

There are books on computer science, preparatory books for competitive exams, books on medicine and biotechnology. Students can take 2 books at a time, use them and return them once they are done using them – though that is not a condition to borrow the books.
When Jawahar’s son and daughter passed their engineering courses, not wanting to throw away good books,  he decided to store their books at the studio and to pass it on to others who might need them. Started on a small scale, the service was very useful and soon drew in a lot of students from near and far.

If you have some books sitting on your shelf that could be of use to someone else, you can drop them off here too.
At 23/52, Bheemanna Garden Street, Alwarpet. Ph: 24995678, 24662485. Email :

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