Local temples celebrate Vaikunta Ekadasi

krishnapuri-vaikunta-ekadasiVaikunta Ekadasi was celebrated with great enthusiasm on Sunday, Jan 8, at several temples in the neighbourhood. At Sri Vedanta Desikar Temple, Mylapore, more than a hundred devotees gathered at the temple as early as 3.00 a.m. for the Viswaroopa Sevai.

A decorated paramapada vasal (door) had been set up outside the sanctum sanctorum and there were a steady stream of devotees waiting for their chance to pass through the door. It is believed that any person who passes through this door on this day attains salvation.

At the small Krishna Temple at Krishnapuri, R. A. Puram, devotees gathered for an early morning darshan and pooja. An elaborate kolam was drawn at the entrance of the temple. The temple was decorated with lights and flowers (seen in the picture).

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