Pedestrian plays this far at Kodai Nataka Vizha

The annual Kodai Nataka Vizha hosted by Kartik Fine Arts at this time of the year is supposed to be the stage for new Tamil plays. But going by the fare staged this season, the quality is less than average.

This far, only the play staged by veteran Kathadi Ramamurthy seems to have impressed the audience. Two others that we watched since the festival started last weekend ( April 22) were loaded with dialogues and slapstick humor that did not really work.

Satish Chandrasekar employed his knowledge of the police and legal system to stage ‘ Visaranam’; even a stunt master was employed to enact scenes like one in which an accused is hung upside down in the police station’s cell. Had this script been tight and the play taut it may have worked better.

The audience is big for this drama fest and the air-conditioned comfort at Narada Gana Sabha makes a cool evening out for sabha goers, even as the temperature rises.

Many drama regulars are looking forward to the Dummies production on April 29 – Yarukkum Vetkamillai – since this theatre group is known for plays that impress.

The fest is on till May 3, every evening at 7 p.m. and open to all.

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