Kavithaa: committed social worker works with refugees and underprivileged children

DSC_6208_halfKavithaa Narasimhan was one of the participants at a rally organised by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)  to mark World Refugee Day. More than 70 participants took part; including refugees, government representatives, diplomats, civil society representatives and UNHCR officials.

The cycle rally aimed to create awareness about the problems faced by refugees and also applaud the resilience of refugees.

Kavithaa represented Lebara Foundation, India, along with fellow colleagues and a group of Sri Lankan refugees. Kavithaa has been a part of various projects through Lebara. Lebara Foundation currently works with 30 Sri Lankan refugee camps in Tamil Nadu with a focus of providing food security, education, health care and safe drinking water and also with children affected with cancer/ HIV and victims of child trafficking.

In addition to her work at Lebara, she is also a counselor for under privileged kids at Ayyapakkam.  ‘These are mostly kids belonging to the migrant population and local communities of unskilled laborers. There is no proper guidance, lack of role models. The most ambitious of these kids wants to land a job at a retail outlet like Pothy’s or Saravana Stores. I guide them and help them focus on education’, she says.

Lebara would be interested in volunteers to help with their projects. ‘We are always in need of extra hands to help us to improve the situation of the children of the displaced and vulnerable communities’, says Kavithaa.

Contact Kavithaa at 7358027634. Kavithaa is a resident of Abhiramapuram.