Mada streets at festival time; contrasts

Streets of contrast – is what the mada streets around Sri Kapali Temple are at this time of the year when the festival season is on.

While North Mada Street is choc-a-bloc with hawkers of kolu dolls and knick-knacks, spilling on to the street from pavements and vehicles inching forward in a one-way zone, South Mada Street is the vegetable and temple-goers destination and comes alive after 5 p.m.

But walk down East Mada Street and the contrast shows up – save for the cars and taxis fighting for parking space in Sannithi Street after 5 p.m. this street quietens down after 6 p.m.

Perhaps there is a big rush if there are concerts of well known artistes at the two sabha halls here.

Else, the street is much like it may have been a hundred years ago, more so after 7 p.m.

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