Is your honey pure? Consumer awareness camp at temple

People visiting Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple were greeted by something unusual.
Volunteers who are promoting a food safety campaign, organised by Food and Health Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu greeted them to share some home truths.
People were told how to avoid food poisoning and detect malpractices, how to identify whether a product is adulterated. For example, only the honey which floats in hot water, is edible and fit for consumption.
“Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple being a busy hotspot during summer and so is undoubtedly the best place ┬áto organise an awareness campaign” said one of the volunteers.
Consumers can also contact 9444042322 if they are exploited by sellers or wish to complain about products/services.
– Report by Nivedita Venkateswaran / Student Trainee

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