Property tax forms to be filled by today, Aug 31.

Chennai Corporation recently announced an increase in property tax rates, of not more than 50% for residential buildings and not more than 100% for non-residential buildings.

Residents were required to fill out a self declaration form with details of the extent of land owned by them and submit it by the end of August.

The civic body says that people have been slow to fill and return these forms and that its staff are taking steps to publicize this issue.

To assist the residents, a door to door campaign was undertaken by the Corporation officials wherein the forms were distributed to the residents.

They were also advised to go online and file the information.

A Corporation official in ward 121 in the Mylapore area says, “As of now, we haven’t received any information about an extension ( deadline for filing forms). August 31 is the last date for filing the form. In our ward, the divisional office is located at Brindavan Street, Mylapore and staff have been employed at the counters there to help out the residents tomorrow. Forms are available at other divisional and zonal offices too.”

The official said that after the self-declaration forms are collected, the properties will be reassessed and the new rate will be arrived at. “The area of the property, depreciation, rent and other factors will be considered before revision,” he added.

One Comment on “Property tax forms to be filled by today, Aug 31.”

  1. Regarding the news item “Property tax forms to be filled by today, Aug 31.” all the house owners in the city cannot be expected to submit the declaration form in such a short notice particularly people who have gone out of city or gone abroad for visiting their son or daughter. All the elders may not be familiar with computer. Hence the last date may be extended till 31st December, 2018.

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