Amudha Anand, principal and correspondent of M. P. Aanandh School passes away

Amudha Anand, principal and correspondent of M. P. Aanandh Matriculation Higher Secondary School passed away on August 31. She was 56.

Rama Ramji, who knew her well says Amudha made the dream of Anand, her husband come true by building on the early years of the school that was started with just a few students 25 years ago.
Today, this school in CIT Colony, Mylapore has some 1500 students.

“The magic potion she used to lift the school up to what it is today was sweat, determination and hard work, “says Radha.

Having lost her husband in her thirties, Amudha believed in herself and took hold of the reigns of the school. It was the couple’s goal to provide English medium school education to students from middle and lower-middle sections of the community.

“She was sponsoring the educational efforts of many economically downtrodden students and involved herself in a lot of philanthropical activities all through her life, ” says Radha Ramji.

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