Free drinking water now available at Dr.Ranga Road

Two earthen pots filled with mineral water are kept under a pandal off Govardan Apartments in Dr. Ranga Road, Mylapore.

This evening, thirsty pedestrians were seen drinking water from them.

Kamala Seshadri, a resident of this apartment and her friends from the nearby Aditya Ashwin apartments have together organised this. They have been doing this service since three years.

Kamala Seshadri says, “Being Sri Satya Sai Baba’s followers we always want to serve the people in whatever small way we can.”

“The water will be kept daily for three to four months till this summer gets over,” she says.

The pots are constantly checked and refilled by the caretakers of our apartments, she adds.

This group has also been serving buttermilk since the past 20 years during the Panguni Festival of Sri Kapali Temple.