Officers of Fire and Rescue Services chop off a portion of ther shutter to enable its smooth passage

On March 12 at around 5.30 p.m. the officers of Fire and Rescue services chopped off the middle portion of the ther shutter in East Mada Street.

It was performed to ensure a smooth passage of ther during its procession on March 17.

“For a smooth ride of ther, the shutters on both sides have to be raised till the yellow line (marked on the top),” says temple volunteer.

“But the shutter that faces Mathala Narayanan Street got stuck and it was not moving (4 – 5 feet) up till that mark. From this morning, we have been trying to lift the shutter using a motor,” says E. Vasudevan, Assistant Station Officer.

“The dusting and decoration work haveĀ  to start shortly. Hence, as a last resort, we had to cut the middle portion using a sky lift machine,” he says.