You can send kolu bommais abroad by booking parcels at local post office

Did you know that you can ship kolu bommais to your family or friends across India or abroad from the local post office?

People have been packing the bommais this season for the upcoming Navaratri celebrations and booking them at the post offices in the Mylapore zone.

Says Maharajan, a marketing executive of India Post, “At Mylapore Post Office, we have been receiving four to six people daily who book these parcels and many are being sent abroad.”

All you need to do to execute this order is to carry the bommais to the postal packing counter on the ground floor where, for a fee, the packing is done by staff. Then, book the parcel.

Costs for a medium size pack sent to an India address will touch Rs.2000/3000. The cost trebles for destinations in Europe and USA.

It takes 7 days to reach destinations in South Asia and a maximum of 15 days for addresses in USA.

The facility is open six days a week, 10 am to 6 pm; Sunday is a holiday. The post offices in Mylapore, Teynampet ( Alwarpet zone) and Mandaveli book such orders.

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