GCC constructs structures for dustbins off the roads to avoid traffic congestion

From a past few days, Chennai Corporation contract workers are constructing a box like cement structure (open on one side) off the streets in Mylapore to place the dustbins inside them.

This past week work was on at Kamarajar Salai. And on May 1, the work was on near T. P. Scheme Road off R. K. Mutt Road, Mandaveli.

“We have got this order from Corporation commissioner. Many a time after collecting the waste from the dustbins some conservancy workers are leaving them in the middle of the road. So it is creating traffic congestion. Also, it is blocking a huge space on road when people dump the garbage around them,” said a RamKy supervisor of ward 173.”

“Now, this structure is constructed on the sides of the road. And they have asked us to use the same to avoid any congestion,” he says.