Aadi Amavasai: People perform special rituals at Sri Kapali Temple tank, beach front

Amavasai (new moon) fell on July 31 during the Tamil month of Aadi. As the day is considered very auspicious, hundreds of people performed special rituals (tarpanam) for their ancestors in and around Sri Kapali Temple tank, Mylapore.

“It is a way of showing gratitude to our forefathers,” said Pasupathi, a resident of T. Nagar, after he finished the tarpanam rituals.

Many people made offerings during the pooja. They also visited the temple and fed agathi kerai to the cows at Goshala.

Elsewhere, at two points on the Marina shores, people took part in similar rituals. A Mahalingapuram-based group had organised this in Pattinapakkam, on the water front. A few hundred people took part. The other event was opposite Vivekananda Illam, again on the water front.

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