Mylapore Post Office can ship kolu dolls within India, abroad

This Navaratri, Mylapore Head Post office is offering a facility to pack and deliver kolu dolls, at a subsidised rate.

People who wish to ship Navaratri dolls to their friends within India and to foreign countries can avail this facility.

The Post Department staff got this message across to hawkers and shoppers on Mylapore mada streets by putting up notices at public places on the streets

Says a post office staff, “We have started this service for the first time this year. For packing, we have arranged card board boxes, thermocol and other materials.”

Dolls weighing from 50 grams to 30 kilos can be sent by post. The fee for domestic parcels starts from Rs.19 and for international parcels, the rate starts from Rs. 1240 onwards, depending on the weight and delivery location. The parcels will be delivered within 3 to 7 working days, promises the staff.

For more details contact Mylapore Head Post Office located at Kutchery Road. Ph: 24642805 or 9454842115.