Urgent call for scribes to help students take exams at QMC

A group whose members help visually challenged college students to take their exams and write down the answers in sheets is looking for people who can act as scribes this week. Volunteers will have to be fluent in Thamizh since most students respond in Thamizh.

The scribes are required at Queen Mary’s College, Mylapore from Nov.4 onwards when the semester exams begin. Since many college students from other colleges take their exams at QMC, the need for a number of scribes is big.

Below is the timetable of exams when scribes are needed –

Date and Day:
04-11-2019 (Monday) – 3 Tamil scribes
05-11-2019 (Tuesday) – 10 English scribes
07-11-2019 (Thursday) – 8 Tamil scribes
09-11-2019 (Saturday) – 8 Tamil scribes
13-11-2019 (Wednesday) – 8 Tamil scribes
15-11-2019 (Friday) – 8 Tamil scribes
18-11-2019 (Monday) – 8 Tamil scribes

Time: 9 am to 12.30 pm

Contact person: Leelavathy
📞: 9884068098 ( use only WhatsApp to contact)

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